Promate Car Dashboard Camera, Ultra HD 1080P In-Car 170 Degree Super Wide Angle Camera with 2.7 Inch LCD, Night Vision, G-Sensor, Motion Detection, Parking Monitor, Emergency Recording, Car Mount and Micro-SD Card Slot for all Types of Car, DashCam-1



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DashCam-1 is the perfect travelling companion whether you want to go back in time and reminisce on your favourite trips or need a dependable eyewitness on the road. As insurance cost keeps climbing, if the high-definition video proof works for you even once, you could save more money than the price of this dash cam. Fully automatic operation once setup, the DashCam-1 requires No Manual operation.


Record Your Journeys In 1080p High Definition:
The Promate DashCam-1 1080p Dashboard Camera can be securely mounted on either the windscreen or dashboard, allowing you to get the perfect angle and the clearest view possible. Extremely easy to use and set up, the Promate DashCam-1 can be mounted and recording within seconds. This dashboard camera captures 4 lanes of traffic in 1920*1080p/30fps, with 6 layers of glass to provide clear images, your own independent witness on road.

Always Have Proof for Accidents:
This is the perfect dashboard camera to guarantee your security and to guarantee that you never take the blame for someone else?s wrongdoing. Even in an intense car collision or sudden turn the camera will automatically record and store images in order to provide evidence of the accident. Not to mention, you can grab license plate numbers in case the perpetrator runs away!

Super Night Vision:
Day or night, sun or rain or driving through tunnels, you will be able to always get razor-sharp images, thanks to the – Wide Dynamic Range technology. WDR allows the camera to perform optimally in low light situations, automatically adjust the exposure of the camera to capture the best light exposure, creating balanced images and footage. Give you flawless night-time recording and detail capturing.

170 Degree Wide-Angle Lens:
Capture the whole scene with the Promate DashCam-1. Recording in 1080p HD and featuring an impressive wide-angle lens, this stylish dashboard camera is sure to capture everything in detail. With 170-degree ultra-wide angle all-glass lens, the camera monitors 4 lanes comfortably. No blind spots with DashCam-1. Enjoy your journey with highly sensitive, accurate and detailed capture recordings.

Efficient Storage Management:
Loop recording feature for efficient storage management – manual and automatic video protection from deletion Upon the memory card being exhausted and used up, the DashCam-1 has an internal loop-function mode enabling the camera to automatically overwrite the oldest file and continuously record.

360? Rotation for A Comfortable Viewing Angle:
The Promate DashCam-1 features a lockable ball joint, giving you the freedom to position your device at any angle you decide, for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Automatic Safeguards:
Designed with LDWS (Lane departure warning system), the DashCam-1 provides real-time intelligent lane departure warnings. Also, the FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System) equipped detects the distance of the front car for further safety precautions.

Wide Screen:
The high ? transparent 2.7-inch Color LCD widescreen offers a broader view which enables you to monitor the whole road while driving. With easily recognizable icon designs, it makes for an intuitive experience.

G-Sensor – Emergency Recording:
Highly-sensitive G-sensor powered automatic video recording and video file locking when a collision or crash is detected. The sensitivity of the G-sensor can be set to low, mid and high levels.

Motion Detection:
When it detects Movement (someone near your car or vehicle starts to move), the device automatically recording for few seconds, then pauses recording. Suggest turn this feature off in daily use, otherwise, it cannot record continuously.

Parking Monitoring:
Equipped with Motion-Detection technologies, the parking mode conserves energy by only turning on when motion is detected in the vicinity, parking mode starts about within 3M. Parking Monitoring Feature, the device is automatically turned on and recording when a vibration (Voice or Shock) is detected.

SD Card Slot – Supports Cards Up To 128GB:
The Promate Dash Camera requires a Micro-SD card up to 128GB. With this card, you can be sure to capture every part of your journey and even swap between cards when needed. Micro-SD cards are great as they can be removed and plugged straight into a memory card reader, which many laptops and smart devices now come with. They can also be replaced with a spare on the go if they run out of memory.

Super Slim and Lightweight
Extremely thin and bulk-free, the Promate DashCam-1 is extremely unobtrusive so you won’t have to worry about any extra weight. It’s easy to dismount and carry when you need to, and light enough that the suction cup mounting will easily hold the camera in place, even over poor-quality road surfaces.

Energy Efficient:
The device is turned on and begins recording automatically with the engine ignition on. It is turned off automatically shortly after the engine is off. This automatic on/off feature applies to all cars except those few with their cigarette lighters constantly on.

Safety Capacitors:
Working environment temperature is from -50?F to 160?F, of surface temperature might higher than the actual temperature, not affect function. Summer is hot, when you not in the car, as the air condition is off, we suggest removing the product to a shady place, and do not expose to the sun for a long time.

Easy Setup with Car Mount
Use the included suction mount to securely fasten the dash camera to your car’s windshield or dashboard in seconds. Plug in the included car charger and connect the dash camera via the Mini USB cable to power on and instantly start capturing footage.

Weight 0.14 kg
Dimensions 7.4 x 12.6 x 17 cm


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